Our school receives $.10 for every single Box Top we turn in. Those little Box Tops add up fast! Last year our school raised just over $1000 in Box Tops. Can you help us raise even more this year? 

BIG changes are coming to Box Tops! No more clipping, just scan your receipt using the Box Tops for Education App. Traditional Box Tops clips are being phased out of production, but you can still send any remaining unexpired clips to school.

Box Tops Collection Form

Please be patient while we try to figure out our reward system while the new Box Top program is changing over!

We will have two drawing winners at each of the box tops deadlines (October, Februrary, and May.) To be included in the drawing your student needs to have turned in at least 10 box tops during that term.

We will keep track of paper box tops as you turn them in. For digital box tops to be included please send a screen shot of your earnings to LFEPTAboxtops@gmail.com. Include your students' name and teacher.

Imagine what one child could do...

​1 Box Top per month x10 months = $1.00
​10 Box Tops per months x10 months = $10.00
​50 Box Tops per month x10 months = $50.00

Imagine what one school could do...

​1 Box Top per student  = $62.20
​10 Box Tops per student = $622.00
​50 Box Tops per student = $3110.00

10 Box Tops per student per month = $6220.00


Best Choice Save-A-Label

Best Choice Flyer

Visit awgbrands.com/savealabel.php for more information.


Tyson Project A+

Tyson Flyer

Visit ProjectAPlus.tyson.com for more information.