Those little Box Tops add up fast! Clip it and send it in and help us meet our yearly goal!

Box Tops Flyer and Collection Form

Box Tops for Education collection contest—the next contest deadline will be the Fall.  Date TBA.  But keep collecting!! The class that turns in the most Box Tops by the deadline will win a treat party. We will hold another collection contest from October 1 to January 30th

Save Them: ALL Box Tops count, whether you have a few or a lot they all add up. If every student at Lucy Franklin turned in 4 box tops for each month we are in school, we would earn over $2000 for PTA to use on field trips, School of Economics, teacher appreciation, etc.

If you want your box tops to be credited to your student’s class, be sure that the teacher’s name is on your collection sheet, envelope or Ziploc bag.

What we do with them before we submit them:
1--Trim them and 2--Sort them into bundles of 50
**You DO NOT have to do this to submit them but it is very helpful for our volunteers and speeds up the process for us.

For more information on how it works see the link below...
Collection sheets can be printed out by click on (25)COLLECTION SHEET OR (50)COLLECTION SHEET

There is not a contest for the other types of labels but you are encouraged to turn those in any time that you have them as they are valuable to us also.

Best Choice Save-A-Label

Best Choice Flyer

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Tyson Project A+

Tyson Flyer

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