Reflections 2018-2019: Heroes Around Me


Congratulations to Our 2018-2019 Winners!


Visual Arts
1st Place Eliana Edmondson (2nd Grade, age 7)

Music Composition
1st  Place Salome Cummins (2nd Grade, age 7)

1st Place Chloe Gagnon (2nd Grade, age 7) 
2nd Place Cooper Swearingen (2nd Grade, age 7) 
3rd Place Alia Ludwig (2nd Grade, age 7) 
Honorable mention:
Avery Eglich (2nd Grade, age 7)


Visual Arts
1st  Place Norah Kannas (4th Grade, age 9) 
2nd Place Koltin Parsons (3rd Grade, age 8) 
3rd Place Tristyn Zinkiewicz (5th Grade, age 10)
Honorable mention:
Norah Leslie (3rd Grade, age 8)

Music Composition
1st Place Madelin Stiles (4th Grade, age 9)

1st Place Lucy Goebel (4th Grade, age 9)
Alexis Bales (4th Grade, age 9)
                      2nd Place Isabella Kephart (4th Grade, age 9)
3rd Place Brant Varnum (3rd Grade, age 8)
Honorable mentions:
Annie Goebel (4th Grade, age 9)
Kylee Harris (4th Grade, age 9)
Aislinn Weese (4th Grade, age 10)
Dance Coeography
1st Place Natalie McGowan (4th Grade, age 9)

1st Place Alexis Sanford (5th Grade, age 10)
2nd Place Lilly A. Sanford (5th Grade, age 10)

Deadline for Submission

​November 16, 2018

​No late entries will be accepted, no exceptions

Student Entry Form

​Click here for Student Entry Form

What is Reflections?

The National PTA Reflections Program is an arts program developed in 1969 to encourage students to explore their talents and express themselves. Each year, students in grades pre-K through 12 create original artwork reflecting a theme. Entries that win at the school level may progress to the county, state, or even national level.

Who May Participate?

All LFE students!

​What Are the Categories?

Students may enter one or more original works in the following six categories (students may enter multiple categories, but may not enter the same category more than once): 

Dance Choreography

Click Here for Complete Dance Choreography Rules


Click Here for Complete Literature Rules

Film Production

Click Here for Complete Film Production Rules

Music Composition

Click here for Complete Music Composition Rules


Click here for Complete Photography Rules

Visual Arts

Click here for Complete Visual Arts Rules

​What Are the Grade Divisions?

Primary: PreK - 2nd Grade
​Intermediate: 3rd Grade - 5th Grade
Special Artists: All Grades

Click Here for Special Artist Eligibility Rules

How Do I Enter?

​Submit your artwork with a Student Entry Form to your teacher by November 16, 2018. Your teacher will submit it to the PTA.

​No late entries will be accepted, no exceptions.

​Every entry needs its own Student Entry Form, even if it is from the same student.

What Are the Rules?
  • Only new pieces of artwork inspired by the current theme may be submitted.
  • Each entry must be the original work of one student only.
  • Only one student may be recognized as the award recipient for each entry. Other individuals may appear in or perform a student’s work, but the work itself must be the creative product of one student.
  • An adult may not alter the creative integrity of a student’s work. Because the program is designed to encourage and recognize each student’s individual creativity, help from an adult or collaboration with other students is not allowed except in the Special Artist Division.
  • Each entry must have a completed Student Entry Form.
  • The form must contain a title and an artist statement. The artist statement communicates what inspired the work, how it relates to the theme, and the content of the work. The statement must include at least one sentence, but may not exceed 100 words.
  • Use of copyrighted material is prohibited, except for recorded music in dance choreography and film production entries when title, composer, and performer are cited in the submission.
  • PowerPoint presentations are prohibited.​

How Are the Entries Judged?

​Entries are judged blindly (students' names are not visible) by a panel of judges made up of teachers and staff members at LFE. Parents of LFE students are not eligible to be judges. Typically the panel has included the Art and Music teachers, Mr. Nielson, and other available teachers/staff.

Entries will be judged primarily on how well the student uses his or her artistic vision to portray the theme, originality, and creativity.

Under no conditions may parents or students contact the judges to dispute their decisions.

​When are the Winners Announced?

Winners will be announced at school and posted here and on the Lucy Franklin Elementary PTA Facebook Page by November 30, 2018.

What Happens If I Win?

​Winners will recieve a prize (to be determined) and a letter of congratulations. Their artwork will also be displayed at the Blue Springs District Showcase on December 5, 2018. Winners' artwork will also be submitted for further competition (county, then state, then nationals.)


​Email Rose Bittner at